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Act 4 off the press. On to Act 5. [Oct. 22nd, 2006|01:51 am]
The StoryDoctor of Who
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I didn't write at all Friday or yesterday. I had other domestic business and lots of driving to do, but I did just wrap up the fourth act a few minutes ago. Hopefully I only have three or four more to go, and hopefully they will each only account for 8 or 10 minutes of screen time when I write the script. I really want to keep this whole thing to no more than 80 minutes, and that's the maximum limit. I believe I'm keeping it all pretty tight, but wow. As the story picks up speed it seems to be more drawn out on the page. I hope it doesn't translate so when it's time to teleplay it, because I'll have some weeding to do.

I'm pleased with it overall, but there are a few bits I know are kind of weak right now. I'm not too worried about it, though. I believe it will come together, more or less.

Once I get the thing written I'll post a brief synopsis.

Is anyone reading here familiar with the "Auton" trilogy from the late 90s by BBV?

[User Picture]From: izlear
2006-10-23 12:38 pm (UTC)
Familure with it, but never acually seen it.
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