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The Mother of All Seasons of Doctor Who [Jul. 15th, 2007|06:14 pm]
The StoryDoctor of Who
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On the Doctor Who fan site Outpost Gallifrey there is a thread in the forums about how you'd construct your "Fantasy Season" of Doctor Who. You could pick any Doctor, any companion, any producer and script editor, any five writers, and any three directors. That the season would be thirteen episodes, as it is in current production, was implied, I reckon. Here was my post.

Paul McGann
Companion: Captain Jack Harkness
Producer: Philip Hinchcliffe
Script Editor: Robert Holmes
Writers: Robert Holmes, Steven Moffatt, Matt Jones, Terrence Dicks, Douglas Adams, Rob Shearman
Directors: Douglas Camfield, Graeme Harper, James Strong

The stories would be as follows:

Episodes 1 & 2
"Red Tag"
"Everything Must Go"
Rob Shearman would write a two-part story wherein some of two-bit cosmic antique collector and dealer whom The Doctor and Jack discover, to their shock and surprise, is selling The (late) Doctor's TARDIS. There are several interested buyers, one of whom is a little more than he seems, and things get really weird when a man claiming to be The Doctor shows up!
Graeme Harper would direct.

Episode 3
"Little Voices"
Steven Moffatt would write a story wherein The Doctor and Jack discover a haunted house whose unseen-yet-audible spectre claims to be someone near and dear to Jack, an old flame of his from the 1920s, named Jillian. While Jack seems absolutely certain it is her, The Doctor isn't at all sure. In fact, he's more worried about whatever's telepathically attacking the TARDIS.
Douglas Camfield would direct.

Episode 4
"Eat, Ate, Eaten, Etcetera"
Douglas Adams would write a story wherein a simple trip down to the corner curry shop in Chelsea winds up being a whole lot more than a trip down to the corner curry shop in Chelsea. Then there's the talking pigeon...
Graeme Harper would direct.

Episode 5 & 6
"Into The Fire"
Matt Jones would write a two-part story wherein The Doctor and Jack find themselves in the around the year 6,000,000,000 with some very serious problems. They start out materialized on an Earthbound mining freighter that is having engine problems and the crew suspecting sabotage. Then someone breaks the news that the planet from which they're barely out of orbit has only a few hours before instability brought about from overmining causes it to destruct. Then the freighter finds itself under attack from marauders. Oh, and the TARDIS is running frighteningly low on power, and the clock is, as always, ticking away.
James Strong would direct.

Episode 7 & 8
"At The Brink"
"The Age Old Struggle"
Robert Holmes would write a story wherein The Doctor and Jack materialize in an advanced science facility on Io in the year 1,504,233 where many of the empire's greatest minds are working to create an artificial Big Bang inside a pocket dimension in order to fuel the civilization. Empire officials are desperate for the project to succeed, at any cost, but not only does The Doctor know that the plan will be a disaster. He sees another, more sinister hand in the goings on.
Douglas Camfield would direct.

Episode 9
Rob Shearman would write a story wherein a young boy named Eric and his dog suddenly find themselves in in a world alone. Same houses. Same cars. Same roads. Same sky. It's just the Quiet Smiling Man who keeps following him around, getting closer and closer, is scaring him, but if he could just find "The Doctor", whose whispers he keeps hearing, he'd be safe. Not much time, though. It's getting dark.
Graeme Harper would direct.

Episode 10 & 11
"Dark Matters"
"Through The Looking Glass"
Terrence Dicks would writer a two-parter where, using new time-viewing technology, a group of scientists and cosmic archaeologists view life on Skaro and the development and emergence of Daleks. However, the group finds out too late that the Daleks are doing a little more than looking through to them, and The Doctor and Jack have their work cut out for them to foil this Dalek plan. Doing so leads into the next episodes.
James Strong would direct.

Episodes 12 & 13
"Schrödinger's Cat"
"Cause And Effect"
Douglas Adams and Robert Holmes would team up to write the two-part season finale wherein having resorted to jumping timelines (without the TARDIS) to stop the Daleks from an alternate timeline from invading this one, The Doctor and Jack have to enlist the aid of an eccentric alternate-Time Lord adventurer/scientist known as "Traveler" to return back to their native timeline. Not only are the surviving alternate-Daleks terribly unhappy and on their trail, but jumping timetracks turns out to be a dodgy process as well... even for "professionals".
Douglas Camfield would direct.

* * * * * * *
Note: All of these stories are adapted to Doctor Who by me from original stories with another Time Lord character. I've either drawn them up or am in the (agonizingly slow) process of writing them.