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mission renewed [Aug. 7th, 2007|12:40 am]
The StoryDoctor of Who
TRAVELER and CARDINAL TOSHA are dining. They have been talking about Traveler's 2,000 years in the field, and he is making a good impression on the Cardinal until...

TRAVELER: Time paradoxes don't exist. They can't.

TOSHA: The threat of paradox is very real.

TRAVELER: No. Time can't be changed, not for any reason.


TRAVELER: We're standing here talking right now, right?

TOSHA: Yes. What does that have to do with it?

TRAVELER: Everything. Is anyone stopping us from having this chat?


TRAVELER: So we are having it this chat, and we have been for several minutes. Yes?

TOSHA: Yes, but I still don't see-

TRAVELER: So what if some dastardly fiend attempts to thwart your arrival here, forcing you to miss having this splendid lunch with me?

TOSHA: What?

TRAVELER: You always have this conversation. You always will. It's cemented in time. So is the destruction of Paprax IV, the Ninth Glorious Revolution on Taxtloa, the Great Flight of the R'rlyin. Nobody can change it, not here.

TOSHA: You're babbling.

TRAVELER: Time is a series of fixed points on which others are anchored. It is indeed a web, and nothing can change it. Not ever. If that dastardly fiend does exist, whatever he tried doing to prevent you from being here failed. Because you're here. An entire causal chain linking our pasts, including said dastardly fiend and everyone in them, to future events stems from this temporal point.

TOSHA: Your food's getting cold.

TRAVELER: Do you see my point?

TOSHA: So whyever do you even travel though time on your... What's it called, temporal survey?

TRAVELER: I usually don't travel through time, not technically, Cardinal, but across its tracks.

TOSHA: You're incorrigible, you know?

TRAVELER: If the Council wants to end my mission, bring me home, that's alright. I'm sure my experiences will bring a lot to the table in the Theoretical Studies curriculum. Mind you, I've always-

TOSHA: We would never dream of hindering your marvelous work, Traveler. You enjoy it so and are so passionate about it. I'm sure my affirmative recommendation to the rest of the Council regarding your mission status will assure your continued absence- er, field study mission. You're doing vital work, you know. (pause) When do you leave?