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Curses! Foiled again! [Sep. 28th, 2007|03:29 pm]
The StoryDoctor of Who
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Curse you, Lawrence Miles!

Okay. No. Not really. He's a good chap, but I'm disappointed that a script idea for my Traveler project turns out to uncannily resemble a Doctor Who novel that he wrote several years ago that I never knew existed until yesterday. Talk about irksome.

The Doctor Who novels published by Virgin Books in the 1990s weren't ones I paid much attention. I had read some of the early ones and was not terribly impressed. I was so not impressed I thought them much overpriced, and so that was the end of them for me. I read a few of the early New Adventures books, and that was it. So color me surprised when I was told that my Traveler story, being worked into an audio script by my good buddy neocat, sounded very close to Miles' novel, which by the way is considered a classic in the book series.

So today on the telephone neocat and I elected to put the Traveler story (with episodes titled "Red Tag" and "Everything Must Go") on the shelf... indefinitely. Grrrrr. Although Traveler isn't at all related to Doctor Who or use any of its trademark conventions or background, we didn't think it the best idea to even *seem* to be nabbing from Who.

Nothing new under the sun, as the old saying goes.